Running now– The Hyperbolist at Chicago Dramatists!

Joe Mazza in The Hyperbolist -- running now at Chicago Dramatists

The Hyperbolist — running now at Chicago Dramatists, 1105 W Chicago Ave
8/11 – 8/18 – 8/25 – 9/1 10:30 pm — tickets are $10 at the door

After contorting itself into a bitter tangle in shows at The Building Stage and Tom Robinson Studio/Gallery in Chicago– The Hyperbolist (“an archly conceived puppet show” Chicago Tribune) threw some spleen-spewing performances in NYC at HERE Arts Center and The Red Room at Horse Trade Theater Group (where Zizzel even got his mug in the New York Times)– the show rife with black-inanity stopped off in Boston to do an itty-bit performance at the Nave Gallery.

And now– The Hyperbolist– starring the most curmudgeonly puppet to ever have a hand up his affair– returns in its spikey-glory to Chicago Dramatists for a run in the Playwright’s Pub Performance Series!

The show is Leo Buscaglia reinterpreted by David Lynch as told by Dr. Seus; there’s skeins of verse, a puppet crucifixion, and some disturbing little films.  It’s late-nite and not for kids– but tailored to the bitter but hopeful cynic.


Chicago Dramatists

8/11 – 8/18 – 8/25 – 9/1 __ 10:30pm

$10 at the door


and now– a film from the show!

the man: joe mazza

camera: susan ask

the cross: soft poplar (by Tom Robinson:


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